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Executive Directors

Mr. CHEN Yannan (陳雁南), aged 64, is the Chairman of ourCompany and was appointed as an executive Director of the Company on 11November 2011. Mr. Chen is responsible for convening and presiding over theboard meetings regularly and making decisions for the key issues of ourCompany, such as determining the Company’s macroscopic development direction, researching intorelevant national policies and avoiding the systemic risks in our industry. Mr.Chen joined our Group as an executive director of the PRC Operating Entity on 8May 2005 and is responsible for overseeing the operations and making thedecisions for the key issues of our Group. Throughout the Track Record Period,the PRC Operating Entity has been managed by Mr. Chen. He has also been adirector of Wuzhong Jiaye since 2005. Mr. Chen was a director and the DeputyChairman of the Board of Wuzhong Group from 1992 to 2003, and since 2003, Mr.Chen has been a director of Wuzhong Group, where his responsibilities includeattending board meetings regularly and making decisions for the key issues ofWuzhong Group. He was also the General Manager of Wuzhong Group Sales Co., Ltd.(吳中集團銷售公司) from 1997 to 2004. Mr. Chen hasapproximately 9 years of experience in the short-term financing industry. Mr.Chen graduated from Changshu Advanced Vocational School of Jiangsu Province (江蘇省常熟高等專科學校) majoring in physical chemistry in July 1975. From 11 March 2004 to16 April 2010, Mr. Chen was the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors (監事會) of Jiangsu Wuzhong Industrial Co., Ltd. (江蘇吳中實業股份有限公司) a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code:600200) whose primary business is pharmaceutical and real estate and is not incompetition with our Group.


Mr. WU Min (吳敏) aged 46, is the chief executive officerof our Company and was appointed as an executive Director of the Company on 17May 2012. Mr. Wu is responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategicdevelopment of our Company. Upon joining our Group in 26 January 2011, Mr. Wuhas been the General Manager of the PRC Operating Entity.He possessesapproximately 28 years of experience in commercial banking, finance andmanagement. Mr. Wu worked in various positions in the Suzhou branch of theIndustrial and Commercial Bank of China from 1985 to 2011, including being thePresident and Secretary of the Committee of Communist Party of China of theWuzhong branch between 2005 and 2011. Mr. Wu graduated from Jiangsu Radio andTV University (江蘇廣播電視大學), majoring in finance, in July 1994; from the Party School of theCentral Committee of Communist Party of China Correspondence Institute (中共中央黨校函授學院),majoring in executive management, in December 2001 and from theSchool of Business of Soochow University (蘇州大學商學院) inOctober 2003, where he completed a postgraduate course in finance. In November2000, Mr. Wu obtained the Intermediate Economist qualification (中級經濟師任職資格) issued by the Ministry of Personnel of the PRC (中華人民共和國人事部).


Mr. Zhang Changsong (張長松), aged 43, is a senior accountantrecognized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Human Resources and SocialSecurity and a certified internal auditor recognized by the China Institute ofInternal Audit with the authorization from the Institute of Internal Auditors.Mr. Zhang has also been awarded the professional designation of Certificationin Risk Management Assurance by the Institute of Internal Auditors. Mr. Zhangreceived his bachelor degree in accounting from Anhui Institute of Finance andTrade, currently known as Anhui University of Finance & Economics, in 1998and completed his postgraduate program in accounting at Anhui University ofFinance & Economics in 2004. Mr. Zhang has more than 17 years of experiencein auditing and accounting. In September 1998,he started working as an auditingstaff at Anhui Xinhua Bookstore, which is currently known as Anhui Xinhua MediaCo., Ltd. and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. From 2005 to 2012, Mr.Zhang worked as an accounting supervisor, assistant manager in the assetauditing department, manager in the asset auditing department at JiangsuWuzhong Group Co., Ltd., respectively. Since 2013, he has been the vice chiefauditor and general manager in the asset auditing department at Jiangsu WuzhongGroup Co., Ltd..


Non-executive Directors

Mr. ZHUO You (卓有),aged 46, was appointed as anon-executive Director of the Company on 17 May 2012. Mr. Zhuo is currently thedirector and Vice President of Wuzhong Group responsible for the strategicinvestment and overall management of Wuzhong Group. Mr. Zhuo is also Secretaryof the Committee of the Communist Party of Wuzhong Group. He graduated fromSuzhou Vocational University (蘇州市職業大學) in July 1990 where he completed a secretarial course. Mr. Zhuo wasa reporter and editor of Suzhou Wuxian Radio Station (蘇州吳縣市廣播電台) from August 1990 to February 1995. Since 1995,he has held variouspositions including the positions of planning director, manager of theadministration and management department, office director, assistant generalmanager and deputy managing director of Wuzhong Group and general manager ofSuzhou Taihu Construction Investment Company (蘇州太湖建設投資公司), a subsidiary of Wuzhong Group.


Mr. ZHANG Cheng (張成), aged 32, was appointed as anon-executive Director of the Company on 17 May 2012. Mr.Zhang is responsiblefor the investor relation of our Company. Mr. Zhang graduated from NanjingUniversity with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degreein western economics in June 2002 and June 2005, respectively. Mr. Zhang wasthe investment manager of the Strategic Investment Department of Wuzhong Groupfrom July 2005 to February 2006.From February 2006 to February 2008, he servedas the assistant general manager of Jiangsu Wuzhong Hi-Tech Venture CapitalCo., Ltd (江蘇吳中高科創業投資有限公司), a subsidiary of WuzhongGroup, and from February 2008, he became the deputy general manager and fromFebruary 2011, he became the general manager of such company. From February2010, Mr. Zhang also became the deputy general manager of Suzhou EducationInvestment Company (蘇州教育投資有限公司), a subsidiary ofWuzhong Group, and from February 2011, became the general manager of suchcompany. During his various positions in Wuzhong Group and the two subsidiariesof Wuzhong Group, Mr. Zhang is responsible for the management and developmentin relation to investment in the bio-pharmaceutical, information technologyareas and private education.

Ms. Zhang Shu(张姝), aged 50, has been a vice president of Jiangsu Wuzhong Group Co., Ltd. since December 2011. Ms. Zhang has more than 25 years of experience in banking and finance industry. From August 1986 to May 1990, she worked as a clerk at the sales department of Suzhou branch of Bank of China.From May 1990 to October 1999, Ms. Zhang commenced working as a clerk in the bill settlement department and subsequently became the chief officer of loan department at Suzhou branch of Bank ofChina. Afterwards, Ms. Zhang worked as an assistant vice president in the administration division of BOC International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong from November 1999 to August 2003. She became the vice president of Suzhou Industrial District branch of Bank of China from September 2003 to March 2007 and then worked as the president of Suzhou Wuzhong branch of Bank of China from March 2007 to October 2011. Ms. Zhang then worked as the general manager of the risk management department of Suzhou branch of Bank of China from October 2011 to December 2011. Ms. Zhang obtained a diploma in English from Nanjing Normal University (南京師範大學) in June 1995 and a postgraduate degree in world economics from the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (中國社會科學院研究生院) in September 1998. Ms. Zhang was awarded with the qualification certificate of speciality and technology in the speciality of financial economics(intermediate level) by the Human Resources Department of the People’s Republic of China (中華人民共和國人事部) in November 1997.


Independent Non-executive Directors

Mr. ZHANG Huaqiao (張化橋), aged 51, was appointed as anindependent non-executive Director of the Company on 6 October 2013. Mr. Zhanggraduated from the Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China (中國人民銀行研究生部) with a master’s degree in economics in1986; and from the Australian National University with a master’s degree in economics in January 1991. From July 1986 to January1989, Mr. Zhang was employed at the People’s Bank ofChina in Beijing and from June 1999 to April 2006, Mr. Zhang worked at theEquities Department of UBS AG, Hong Kong Branch at which he first served as thehead of the China research team and later became the co-head of the Chinaresearch team. From March 2006 to September 2008, Mr. Zhang was the chiefoperating officer of Shenzhen Investment Limited (深圳控股有限公司), a company listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 0604).

 Mr. Zhang currently holds the directorshipsas follows:

 non-executive director of Boer Power Holdings Limited, a company listed onthe Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 1685),since November 2011;

 independent non-executive director of Fosun International Limited, acompany listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 656), since March 2012;

 non-executive director and chairman of the board of China Smartpay GroupHoldings Limited (formerly known as Oriental City Group Holdings Limited), acompany listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 8325), since September 2012and March 2014, respectively;

 independent non-executive director of Zhong An Real Estate Limited, acompany listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 672), since January 2013;

 director of Nanjing Central Emporium (Group) Stocks Co., Ltd., a companylisted on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 600280), since March 2013;

 independent non-executive director of Logan Property Holdings CompanyLimited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 3380), sinceNovember 2013;

  independent non-executive director of Yancoal Australia Limited, acompany listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: YAL), sinceApril 2014;

 independent non-executive director of Luye Pharma Group Ltd., a companylisted on the Stock Exchange (Stock code: 2186), since June 2014;

 independent non-executive director of Wanda Commercial Properties (Group)Co., Limited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock Code:169), sinceSeptember 2014; and

 independent non-executive director of Sinopec Yizheng Chemical FibreCompany Limited, a company listed on the Stock Exchange (Stock code: 1033)since February 2015.


Mr. FENG Ke (馮科), aged 43, was appointed as anindependent non-executive Director of the Company on 6 October 2013. Mr. Fenggraduated from Guangdong University of Finance (廣東金融學院) majoring in internationalfinance in July 1993; from Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences (廣東省社會科學院) with a master’s degree in economics inJuly 1999;and from Peking University School of Economics (北京大學經濟學院) with a doctor’s degree in politicaleconomics in July 2002. Mr. Feng has been an associate professor at School ofEconomics of Peking University from 2010. Mr. Feng was the assistant manager ofGolden Eagle Asset Management Co., Ltd (金鷹基金管理有限公司)from November 2002 to January 2006.

 Mr. Feng currently holdsdirectorships as follows:

 independent director of China Great Wall Computers Shenzhen Co. Ltd (中國長城計算機深圳股份有限公司) (Stockcode: 000066), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, since August2010;

 independent director of Guangdong Provincial Expressway Development Co.,Ltd (廣東省高速公路發展股份有限公司)(Stock code: 000429), a company listed on the Shenzhen StockExchange, since January 2010;

 independent director of Tande Co., Ltd (天地源股份有限公司) (Stock code: 600665), acompany listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, since December 2009; 

 independent non-executive director of Asian Capital Resources (Holdings)Limited (亞洲資產(控股)有限公司), a companylisted on the Growth Enterprise Market Board of the Stock Exchange (Stock Code:08025), since October 2008, re-designated as executive director on 1 September2013.



Mr. TSE Yat Hong (謝日康), aged 45, was appointed as anindependent non-executive Director of the Company on 6 October 2013. Mr. Tse isa Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a FCPAof CPA Australia.Mr. Tse graduated from Monash University in April 1992 with abachelor’sdegree in science. Since June 2000, Mr. Tse has been serving as the chieffinancial officer of Shenzhen International Holdings Limited (Stock code:00152), a company listed on the Stock Exchange. From August 2000 to March 2008,Mr. Tse was also the company secretary of Shenzhen International HoldingsLimited. Mr. Tse served as the joint company secretary of Shenzhen ExpresswayCompany Limited from September 2004 to September 2007. Prior to that, Mr. Tseworked in the audit profession in one of the international accounting firms foryears.


Mr. Tse currently has served as anon-executive director of Shenzhen Expressway Company Limited, a company listedon the Stock Exchange (Stock code: 00548) and the Shanghai Stock Exchange(Stock code: 600548), since January 2009. Mr.Tse had served as an independentnon-executive director of Casablanca Group Limited, a company listed on theStock Exchange (Stock code: 02223), from October 2012 to March 2015.


We have established the followingcommittees under the Board: an audit committee, a nomination committee, and aremuneration committee. The committees operate in accordance with terms ofreference established by the Board. 

Audit Committee

Primary duties: Propose the appointmentor removal of the external auditor of the Company and to review and supervisethe independence and objectivity of the external auditors and the effectivenessof the audit process. 

Mr. TSE Yat Hong (Chairman)


Mr. ZHANG Cheng


Nomination Committee

Primary duties: Review the structure,size and composition (including the skills, knowledge and experience) of theBoard at least annually and make recommendations on any proposed changes to theBoard to complement our corporate strategy. 

Mr. CHEN Yannan (Chairman)


Mr. ZHANG Huaqiao


Remuneration Committee

Primary duties: Make recommendations tothe Board on our policy and structure for all Directors’ and senior managementremuneration and on the establishment of a formal and transparent procedure fordeveloping remuneration policy. 

Mr. ZHANG Huaqiao (Chairman)

Mr. TSE Yat Hong

Mr. WU Min


Internet Finance Business Committee

Primary duties: Making recommendationsto the Board on the strategies of the Group in the area of providing financialsolutions via internet and other e-commerce matters (“Internet FinanceBusiness”).  

Mr. Zhang Huaqiao (Chairman)

Mr. Wu Min

Mr. Feng Ke