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About Us

China Huirong Financial Holdings Limited is a leading short-term financing and wealth management service provider in China servicing small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. We specialize in offering traditional financial services and online financial services to our customers.

Since our October 2013 IPO on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we have been primarily providing three types of traditional financial services to a full range of customers. The first type of our services consists of short-term collateral-backed loans, also known as “pawn loans”. Through a decade of development, Suzhou Wuzhong Pawnshop Co., Ltd., our PRC operating entity founded in 1999, has come to expand its registered capital from RMB 5 million to RMB 1 billion and ranks today as the largest pawnshop in China in terms of registered capital. Our pawn business is currently focused on Jiangsu Province and boasts a pawn sales network of 13 branches, the largest in the province. The Greater Suzhou Area is the most economically advanced region in Jiangsu Province, one of the most economically developed provinces in China. Our leading position in Jiangsu Province gives us a competitive advantage in both operational scale and flexibility to cater to customers’ individual needs. Through our continuing growth in revenue, registered capital and loan portfolio, we believe we are well situated to maintain and enhance our position as a leading short-term secured financing service provider in China. The second type of service consists of our micro-financing business. As approved by the shareholders’meeting, we acquired Suzhou Wuzhong District Dongshan Agricultural Microfinance Co., Ltd. (“Dongshan Microfinance”) in July 2015. Incorporated in December 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 300 million, Dongshan Microfinance is one of the few micro-financing companies to have obtained an “AAA” rating (the highest regulatory rating) in Jiangsu Province. Dongshan Microfinance booked in 2014 about RMB 70 million in net interest income and RMB 45 million in net profit. Dongshan Microfinance’s joining represents a broadening of China Huirong’s service offerings and an expansion of our customer base. The third type of our traditional financial services consists of the entrusted loan business that we carry out in cooperation with commercial banks. This type of business improves our fund utilization efficiency and provides at the same time efficient and flexible lending to high quality SMEs in general.

Online financing represents the strategic core of our future development. In January 2015, we launched Suzhou Qiandai (, an online lending platform dedicated to matching the lending and borrowing needs of lenders and borrowers online. As a financing and wealth management service platform, Suzhou Money has since attracted the interest of many customers and investors and has a tremendous potential for future growth. 

China Huirong intends to further explore and develop new types of businesses, expand into ever broader customer markets, fully leverage the platform for listed issuers, tap into international capital markets and attract and retain a broad range of talents. With all the endeavors, China Huirong will gradually develops itself into a comprehensive financing services provider offering all-round premier services to small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers.