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Wuzhong Pawnshop winning the chairman unit of Jiangsu Pawnshop Industry Association

On July 18th, the 6th Member Congress ofJiangsu Pawnshop Industry Association was successfully held in Nanjing HuashanHotel. At the meeting, Mr. Wu Min, chairman of China Huirong, was elected asthe chairman of Jiangsu Pawnshop Industry Association, and Wuzhong Pawnshop waselected as the chairman unit.




According to the agenda of the conference,Mr. Wu Min delivered a speech at the conference. First of all, he expressed hisgratitude to the leaders of the Provincial Financial SupervisionAdministration, the Provincial Public Security Department and all members, andpromised to spare no effort in the future work for the pawnshop industry inJiangsu Province. The Association will do its best to serve its members. Mr. WuMin said that he will strive to do a good job in the following three aspects:

1. Strengthen the exchange between memberunits, promote resource sharing, continue to share experience of management,risk control, information technology, etc., to promote member units to learnfrom each other and make progress together;

2. Actively carry out outreach work,consolidate exchanges with the Provincial Financial Supervision Administration,government agencies at all levels, pawnshops and financial associations insideand outside the province, and further strengthen the association'sconstruction;

3. Firmly establish a sense of service,give full play to the service function of the association, understand thepractical needs of member units, and do more practical and good deeds in asolid manner, so as to build a platform for members to expand and develop.

Wuzhong Pawnshop was established in 1999with a registered capital of 1 billion. It is the first pawnshop in mainlandChina listed on the main board of Hong Kong and the largest pawnshop in China.Over the years, Wuzhong Pawn has been committed to serving the real economy,and has always focused on solving short-term liquidity needs of SMEs andindividuals. At present, the business has covered Suzhou, Nanjing, Nantong,Wuxi, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei, Changsha and other cities, is strivingto become a leading service provider of inclusive finance in the PRC.






In the future, Wuzhong Pawnshop will continue touphold the principle of returning pawnshop to the origin, follow the industrydiscipline, build a good corporate brand and image, and give full play to theboosting role of the modern pawnshop industry in the development of the realeconomy. At the same time, around the purpose of Jiangsu Pawnshop IndustryAssociation, it will actively play the role of the chairman unit, strive topromote the work of the association to a new level based on industry trends,and make new contributions to the healthy and sustainable development of thepawnshop industry in Jiangsu!

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