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The launch of China Huirong's "Internet + Real Estate Mortgage Registration" Platform

On 4 June, China Huirong's "Internet +Real Estate Mortgage Registration" service point successfully passed theproject acceptance of Suzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, marking theofficial launch of "Internet + Real Estate Mortgage Registration"platform. China Huirong became the first Suzhou Private financial enterprisesthat have launched the "Internet + Real Estate Mortgage Registration"service.




 Thelaunch of the "Internet + Real Estate Mortgage Registration" platformis an important measure for China Huirong to implement the "inclusivefinance + technology finance" strategy. After the introduction of theplatform, China Huirong will implement the "Internet + Real EstateMortgage Registration" service model for all real estate-relatedbusinesses under China Huirong.



The launch of the "Internet + RealEstate Mortgage Registration" platform will, on the one hand,comprehensively improve the service quality, greatly shorten the processingtime for real estate mortgage registration, and improve the user experience; onthe other hand, it will further strengthen business risk management, make fulluse of technological means, effectively prevent and reduce financial risks, andcreate a win-win situation for both China Huirong and customers. In terms ofhardware layout, China Huirong strictly follows the requirements of Suzhou RealEstate Registration Center, and has posted signs, flowcharts, processing deadlines,application materials samples, etc. in place, and all the hardware facilitiesrequired by the service point have been prepared.




 Inthe future, China Huirong will continue to give full play to its ownadvantages, seize the trend, continuously improve the depth and breadth offinancial services, provide better and more convenient services for SMEs,strive to create a new chapter of efficient services, and promote the Company'sdevelopment.