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The Opening Ceremony of Omni Technology and Science held successfully

On the afternoon of August 2, 2019, the opening ceremony of Sichuan Omni Technology and Science Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Tianfu Center, Chengdu, marking the formal start of the technology and science loan business of China Huirong Technology and Science Finance Department. Mr. Wu Min, Chairman and President of China Huirong, Mr. Zhang Changsong, General Manager of Technology and Science Finance Department, Ms. Liu Yuguang, President of Chengdu Jinniu Branch of Minsheng Bank, Mr. Chen Kui, Director of Chengdu Shudu Notary Office, Mr. Li Haiying, General Manager of Home Ownership under Haieryun Credit, Ms. Wang Juan, General Manager of Chengdu Branch of Fude Property Insurance attended the opening ceremony. 

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Zhang Changsong, General Manager of the Technology and Science Finance Department, made an opening speech and expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and guests. He said that with the breakthrough and application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and block chain, technology enabling finance and innovation-driven transformation have become an important trend in the financial industry. China Huirong is adapting to the industry situation, launching technology and science lending business, and striving to explore new areas of financial services. In the future, Omni will devote itself to providing more intimate services for customers and better assets for cooperative financial institutions. 

Later, Mr. Chen Zhengqian, General manager of Sichuan Omni Technology and Science Co., Ltd., introduced the business model and preparation of Omni in detail. As a strategic business of the company, Omni relies on online operation platform and big data risk control technology to deliver high-quality customers and high-quality real estate-based underlying assets to city commercial banks, trust, consumer finance companies, micro-loan companies and other financial institutions at all levels. At present, Omni have completed many tasks, such as team building, product design, market development, etc., and will start the business formally.

Finally, Mr. Wu Min, Chairman and President of China Huirong, made a speech. He said that since 2018, China Merger has been focusing on the strategic development direction of Inclusive Finance and Technology and Science Finance. With an open and inclusive mind, it has overcome difficulties, innovated and developed, constantly enriched its financial products and constantly improved its business structure. The establishment of Omni symbolizes that the integration has seized the opportunity period of transformation and development, and has taken an important step in the field of technology and science finance. Wu Min sincerely wishes Omni to seize the market opportunities, forge ahead, vigorously develop and success in Chengdu.

Subsequently, Chairman Wu Min, Mr. Zhang Changsong and Mr. Chen Zhengqian held the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Omni in the witness of the guests. Chairman Wu Min and Mr. Zhang Changsong unveiled the red silk on the nameplate of Omni in a warm applause, marking the official opening of Omni Technology and Science Co., Ltd.