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The Strategic Cooperation between Suzhou Asset Management and China Huirong
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On May 21, 2019, the signing ceremony of Suzhou Asset Management Co., Ltd. and China Huirong was successfully held in the conference room of Suzhou Asset Management. Mr. Xue Zhen, President of Suzhou Asset Management, Ms. Wan Weimin, Vice President of Suzhou Asset Management, Mr. Wu Min, Chairman and President of China Huirong, Mr. Yao Wenjun, Vice President of China Huirong, Mr. Hu Haoliang, Vice President of China Huirong, Ms. Cao Yu, Chief Risk Officer of China Huirong, attended the signing ceremony. 

The registered capital of Suzhou Asset Management Co., Ltd. is 2 billion yuan. It is a state-owned enterprise approved by the People's Government of Suzhou. With the consent of the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, its business including asset management, trusteeship management, investment, risk management consulting and consultancy. It is one of the most influential financial asset management institutions in China. 

At the signing ceremony, the two sides focused on in-depth cooperation in non-performing assets business, investment business, fund management business, asset management business and other fields around the cooperative thinking of "equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, collaborative innovation, long-term cooperation and common development". 

At the meeting, the two sides also held warm and in-depth discussions and sharing on the development of asset management industry in Suzhou, the improvement of micro financial services, and the cooperation of transfer funds.