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China Huirong Financial Holdings Limited is a leading comprehensive financial service provider which offers diversified products to SMEs and individuals. By insisting on dual strategy of “inclusive finance plus ecology finance”, we innovate traditional financial business models, provide customers with high-quality services and create value for investors.
Since the Company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange 28 October 2013 (Stock Code: 1290.HK), we strive to become a comprehensive financial service group integrating pawnshop, micro-finance, commercial factoring, art investment, turnover loan fund, equity investment, special asset investment, etc.

Pawnshop Business
Suzhou Wuzhong Pawnshop Co., Ltd.* (蘇州市吳中典當有限責任公司), as the main business entity of the Company and one of the largest pawnshops in China, has increased its registered capital from RMB5 million to RMB1,000 million since its establishment 21 years ago. In 2012, it was rated as "the first batch of headquarters enterprises in Wuzhong District". Wuzhong Pawnshop has developed more than ten stores successively, forming a chain operation network layout covering Jiangsu, Sichuan, Anhui, Hubei and Hunan. In 2020, the business scale in Chengdu, Hefei and Wuhan exceeded RMB100 million, respectively, becoming the new growth pole of the nationalization strategy. In 2021, Changsha Pawn was approved for establishment by the relevant government departments of Hunan on 12 November 2021, becoming the only pawnshop approved for establishment in Hunan Province in the past year. In the future, the Company will continue to implement its national expansion strategy by establishing one or two pawnshops in provincial capital cities per year and expanding its business to 10–12 cities by 2025.

Micro-finance Business
In 2015, the Company successfully acquired 40% of the equity interests of Suzhou Wuzhong District Dongshan Agricultural Microfinance Co., Ltd.* (蘇州市吳中區東山農村小額貸款有限公司). Dongshan Micro-finance, with a registered capital of RMB300 million, of which collective capital invested RMB45 million, was established in 2012 and has an AAA regulatory rating. Dongshan Micro-finance has a diversified product structure, rich customer resources and stable asset quality. Since its establishment, the accumulated dividends have exceeded RMB210 million. With the vigorous development of the inclusive financial market, the Company has continued to increase its equity interests in Dongshan Micro-finance to 70%. In the future, the Company will intensify the service to technology-based and low-carbon SMEs and fulfill the social responsibility of inclusive finance to promote regional economic development on the basis of bringing stable dividends to shareholders.

Commercial Factoring Business
In 2016, the Company seized the opportunity of supply chain finance and established Suzhou Huida Commercial Factoring Company Limited* (蘇州匯達商業保理有限公司), with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. In 2020, Huida Factoring introduced a strategic investment of RMB40 million from state-owned companies, increased its registered capital to RMB100 million, and was included in the Suzhou factoring supervision whitelist. In 2021, Huida Factoring introduced another state-owned company, and the registered capital increased to RMB170 million. In the future, the Company will attach importance to promoting financing in more dimensions, continue to expand the business scale, strengthen digital construction and build a rich and diversified product system.

Art Investment Business
In 2021, the Company cooperated with senior practitioners in the field of art to establish Nanjing Yiling Culture and Art Co., Ltd.* (南京藝瓴文化藝術有限公司), with a registered capital of RMB 55 million to carry out businesses such as art investment, art storage and art disposal. Nanjing Yiling has cooperated with well-known domestic collectors and major auction companies, and its business has covered all types of artworks such as Chinese modern painting and calligraphy, international contemporary painting and calligraphy, ancient antiques and sculptures. In the future, Nanjing Yiling will strive to build a comprehensive system that serves the entire art industry, and develop Nanjing Yiling into a comprehensive financial service platform covering all categories and all fields of art, quasi-arts, and quasi-collectibles.

Turnover Loan Fund Business
Adhering to the idea of market-oriented operation initiated by the government and participated by social capital, in 2017, the Company and Suzhou Wuzhong Financial Holdings Group Limited* (蘇州市吳中金融控股有限公司), a company owned by the Wuzhong District Government in Suzhou of Jiangsu Province, jointly established Suzhou Huifang Rongtong SME Guided Turnover Loan Fund (Limited Partnership)* (蘇州匯方融通中小微企業轉貸引導基金合夥企業(有限合夥)), with a registered capital of RMB75 million, focusing on serving SMEs and local government platforms with the needs of turnover loans. Huifang Rongtong has cooperated with more than 30 banks and served thousands of SMEs, with a cumulative service scale of over 10 billion yuan. In 2020, Huifang Rongtong successfully joined the Suzhou municipal level turnover loan service platform and ushered in new development opportunities. In the future, under the guidance of the city-level on-lending service platform, the Company will act as a bridge between banks and SMEs, actively mobilize resources from all parties and achieve full coverage of qualified SMEs with turnover loan needs in Suzhou Wuzhong District and even Suzhou under the guidance of the municipal-level turnover loan service platform.

Equity Investment Business
In order to create a business structure with the coordinated development of debt and equity, the Company has continued to increase its equity investment in recent years. Focusing on the direction of national policies and in line with the development situation of the capital market, it has further expanded the scope of equity investment and directly or indirectly participated in advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy, semiconductor and other strategic emerging industries to create an equity investment platform with good development prospects and high investment return.

Special Asset Investment Business
In 2019, the Company made full use of its industrial layout, team foundation and institutional resources to establish Qingdao Wanchen Buliang Property Company Limited* (青島萬宸不良資產處置有限公司), with a registered capital of 10 million yuan to carry out special asset acquisition, disposal and operation. In the future, Qingdao Wanchen will actively participate in the Suzhou special asset transfer market, and build a deep cooperation network between the upstream asset, the middle capital and the downstream disposal.

Insurance Brokerage Business
In 2018, the Company successfully acquired Suzhou Huifang Anda Insurance Agency Company Limited* (蘇州匯方安達保險代理有限公司) to enter the insurance brokerage industry and obtained the support of the state-owned company in Wuzhong District. After three years of rapid development, Huifang Anda has laid a solid foundation for development in the field of property insurance, and has built a complete insurance ecosystem service system together with local outstanding insurance brokers and surveyors. In the future, the Company will focus on property insurance,implement more coinsurance cooperation, introduce more agent teams, and strive to become a leading insurance agency in Suzhou and a well-known insurance agency in the province.

Luxury Sales Business
In 2021, with the help of the Company’s popularity and business experience in the pawnshop industry and on the basis of the original sales of pawn products, the Company built some pawnshops into influential comprehensive luxury service platforms offering luxury pawn, maintenance, recycling and consignment services, integrating financial services and retail. In the future, the Company will conduct multi-dimensional integration of luxury goods and pawnshops and cooperate with foreign well-known vintage brands to create a luxury goods online-to-offline sales platform with the construction of regional live broadcast platform and online shopping mall platform.

Supply Chain Management Business
In 2018, the Company established Suzhou Huifang Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.* (蘇州市匯方供應鏈管理有限公司). It was committed to the development of supply chain agency procurement and agency sales business mainly for grain and oil, mobile terminal, liquor and other consumer goods fields, and always focused on new supply chain scenarios. Currently, Huifang Supply Chain has cooperated with ZTE CORPORATION* (中興通訊股份有限公司), Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co., Ltd* (益海嘉里金龍魚糧油食品股份有限公司), Luzhou Lao Jiao Co., Ltd* (瀘州老窖股份有限公司), New Hope Group Co., Ltd* (新希望集團有限公司) and many other excellent enterprises. In the future, Huifang's supply chain will deeply cultivate the field of essential consumer goods and expand more product categories.

Overseas Finance Business
The Company obtained a money lender’s license in Hong Kong. Overseas finance business is managed by a professional and compliant team and cooperates with outstanding money lenders in Hong Kong to develop money lending business. At the same time, the Company is also seeking development opportunities in the fields of pawnshops and digital assets in more overseas countries and regions such as Macao and Singapore after the entry and exit policies are relaxed.