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China Huirong Holding the First Staff Congress
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China Huirong Holding the First Staff Congress

China Huirong Held the first staff congress in the morning of February3, 2018.Chairman and management team took part in the meeting.

RuXi, HR Manager of China Huirong interpreted 6 documents of management system,including ‘China Huirong Performance Appraisal Regulation’. The congress adopted the 6 documents unanimously.

Wu Min, Chairman and CEO of China Huirong summarizedthe achievements made in 2017, analyzed the current situation, and deployed thekey tasks of 2018 and the next period. Under the new situation, China Huirongshould focus on the center of reform and development tasks, give full play tothe functions of the Congress, and provide an important guarantee for promotingthe reform and development of the company.