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Jiangsu Zhongshan Pawnshop Visiting China Huirong
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On October 31, 2017, Chairman Wu Min and VP XingBaohua received guests from Jiangsu Zhongshan Pawnshop.

Zhongshan Pawnshop was found in 2002, and was astate-owned enterprise of Jiangsu province. Zhongshan Pawnshop is presidentunit of Nanjing Pawn Industry Association. Wu Min introduced the overall situation of Suzhou pawn industry and the development of company’s segments. Bothsides had fully communicated with the problems and experiences encountered inthe process of business development and the direction of the industry.

Both China Huirong and Zhongshan Pawnshop said that inthe future, we should learn and communicate with each other, and strive to promotethe healthy development of pawn industry in Nanjing and Suzhou.