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China Huirong Holding Semi-annual Working Conference
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      China Huirong held semi-annual working conference in headquarter at the afternoon of July 12, 2017. Chairman and management team took part in the meeting.

      Vice presidents of different departments reported the process of the first half of 2017, and explained the next stage working plan. The volume of new business increases faster than record, and the safety of new assets is quite high. At the same time, consumers’ experience continues to improve. With the enrich of new products, company will make full use of marketing team, business partners, and cooperate with bank and government, to make a good progress of business, especially in consumer financial business.

      Wu Min, Chairman and CEO of China Huirong, emphasized that innovation is the only way for company’s development. Internal, company must continue to improve business control system. External, company should introduce more products closing to customers’ demand. All employees should set up the goal of maximizing the overall interests of the company, based on the promotion of the company's performance, to achieve personal development.