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China Huirong Signing Business Framework Agreement with Suzhou Yisanyiqi Network Co., Ltd
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CEO Wu Min signed Business Framework Agreement on behalf of China Huirong with Suzhou Yisanyiqi Network Co., Ltd on March 28, 2017.

Winwin Network is a famous customer finance company focus on real estate in Suzhou.The company was set up on April 2016 and founded Yisanyiqi Network to developbusiness. In the near three months, the business increased 70 million. Winwin Network helps property agents to simplify the process and highlight significantnodes, and satisfies financial demands through real estate transactions. The company is in a fast growing and establish Chengdu, Hefei branches.

Suzhou Money, a P2P platform belong to China Huirong, has signed agreement with Huishang Bank. We'd like to recommend more high quality assets to investorssince the platform is well-endowed. China Huirong wishes to corporate, supportand develop together with assets suppliers.